Weโ€™ve been living here on Phi Phi Island in Thailand for 79 days, and have been in Thailand for 3 and a half months, our visas expired a few weeks ago, therefore we are now on something called an Amnesty Visa, which allows us to stay until 31st July.

We were told that the boats would start running on the 1st June, this has still not happened, but thatโ€™s typical of the Thai Government, they make an announcement but then change their mind last minute, itโ€™s extremely difficult in Thailand to find anything out, you are left completely in the dark, especially when on an island.

All surrounding borders remain closed, but on a positive note they are in full control of Covid-19, last I heard there is very few cases, in single figures and a total of 58 deaths, so well done Thailand.

Thereโ€™s currently no international flights, apart from a few repatriation flights coming in for Thai people.

Thailand is made up of many different provinces, so even though some restrictions have been lifted this varies in each province, they now call them green and red zones, meaning the red zones are no go areas, so as and when boats are back in operation itโ€™s pointless heading to the mainland as thereโ€™s not many places to go, and movement is still only for essential travel.

We get our information from social media groups, non of this comes from the Thai Government, and the British embassy in Bangkok have no information whatsoever, so you never know what to believe.

Moving forward, our plan is to cycle to whichever land border opens first, we are only a couple of days away from the Malaysia border which is the way we need to go, but it doesnโ€™t sound like itโ€™s going to open before 31st July, so that leaves us with Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, yes we could have to cycle all the way back to Cambodia then possibly back into Vietnam!

If borders do not open, then our worst case scenario is to try and get to an airport and fly to another country where we will be allowed in, getting on a plane with our bicycles was never part of our plan, and it would be devastating, but itโ€™s completely out of our control, so if this is the case, then our world cycling tour will sadly end.

We have no intention of returning to the UK, therefore will go back to Georgia and live there, as itโ€™s our favorite country.

So letโ€™s see what happens in the coming weeks.

1 thought on “Update

  1. I hope you don’t have to give up your world cycling tour, I know how much you want to carry on. Fingers crossed you find a solution xxx


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