CAN YOU HELP ? คุณสามารถช่วย

During these very difficult times due to Covid, many people around the world are struggling to feed themselves.

So I would like to ask you all a simple question, how difficult is your life right now? in terms of “can you afford to buy the basic essentials to feed yourself and your family?”

For those of you that are in such a fortunate position, may we ask for your kind support, by helping to rebuild Somdech’s boat that was recently struck by lightening on Phi Phi Island, here in Thailand?

Somdech’s boat is his livelihood, he uses it everyday to go fishing, to feed his 25 family members, and also other families in the village, there are many young children and elderly people in the village that depend on Somdech to catch fish for them.

Life is very difficult here at the moment, as no one has any work, therefore they have no money.

Everyday people here have to catch fish to feed themselves, this is even more difficult throughout the monsoon season. They live off a very basic diet, which is the fish that they catch, and the leaves and fruit that they pick from the jungle, which is very limited on such a small island. The basic essentials in life that most of us take for granted, are not available to these people, as they have no money. If you would like to help, simply click on the link below, where you can read the full story and learn all about the traditional longtail boats of Thailand, there’s also lots of interesting photo’s and films from the past fundraisers we have done on the island.

Pictured below: Somdech with his wife receiving some rice and cooking oil, they are very thankful for this donation.


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