After cycling from England all the way to Thailand, where we found ourselves locked down on a Paradise Island for 5 months with the native Sea Gypsies, we had to catch our food on a daily basis to survive, this was another very successful day, when we caught a 20kg Sail fish, it was the biggest fish I’ve ever caught! Later that evening we cooked and shared it with the Sea Gypsy family on the Island. Click the link below to watch the short film

..and if you enjoy it, you can watch another short film showing how we make the fishing baskets with the Sea Gypsies, film below:

And if we still have your attention? maybe watch the following film, which shows how we survived on the island for 5 months, living from a cave and tent, evaporating sea water and finding fresh water wells in the jungle, cooking the fish we caught every day, basically how to survive on a island with nothing more than the shirt on your back, skills which you have to learn fast, if you want to survive.

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