Türkiye ❤️

It’s been almost 4 weeks since we arrived in Turkey from Georgia 🤩 and so far it’s been truly amazing.
There is so much to see here, Turkey is a giant museum, the history here is literally mind blowing, and the people are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet. 🇹🇷 🤩

It continues to be very windy here, which can make camping a bit of a task at times, but Comet is always a great help with battening down the hatches! 😂 🐶

As you can see, our tent is still going strong, we’ve been using this same tent for the last 4 years all over the world, it’s had a few repairs as it’s withstood some very tough weather, from extreme cold (minus – 30 🥶) to heat in excess of (+50 🥵) then theres been the sandstorms, snow blizzards and gale force winds.

A few years ago we added some ‘deadman ground anchors’ which are used to secure the tent to the ground, for example sand, when in the desert or on a beach, you dig a hole in the sand and bury the fabric anchors, as you can’t use traditional tent pegs, they are also great for like where we are now in the mountains, the ground here is solid rock, so we find various sizes of rocks to anchor the tent down, very important when in windy conditions like we are now.

I’ve missed the ocean and beautiful beach’s and of course seafood 😍 Today we came across a hidden bay just West of Mersin on the South Coast, where we found a little wooden shack selling seafood, would you believe all this fresh food cost as little as 200 Turkish Lira (£10 GBP)

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