The most popular multi-day trek in Georgia and for a good reason

4 day Trek: 30th May – 2nd June 2019 – 65KM

As we are now in our 17th country Georgia, we’ve decided whilst we are here we want to discover as much of this amazing country as possible, but not on our bicycles!

The best way to see the hidden gems of any country is by foot, so we have decided to try out some trekking, as Georgia has got some of the best treks in the world, so to start with we have recently completed a 4 day, 65km trek from Mestia to Ushguli which is high up in the Svaneti region of the Caucasian mountains.

You can read more about Ushguli below, we have included the day by day routes which we completed, theres also a photo gallery (with many many photos!) and a detailed strava data analysis of each day..



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Mestia to Ushguli


Ushguli – UNESCO world heritage site is the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe, located in Svaneti, at the feet of Shkhara, one of the highest Caucasian summits. About 70 families, approximately 250 people live in the village, which dates back more than 2000 years. For 6 winter months, snow covers the whole place and sometimes the road to Ushguli is closed. However, a small school is always open and life goes on.

The village is located in some 45 km from Mestia town โ€“ the center of Svaneti region. To get to Ushguli local 4×4 Jeeps are needed, which can be hired in Mestia. The way to the village is off-road and takes approximately 3 hours one way. It passes several villages, like Ipari and Kala, where you can find small churches with old murals and frescos inside.

The mountainous region of Svaneti in the northwestern part of Georgia is one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the country. Svaneti retains a pristine medieval quality. This sense of time warp, combined with the grandeur of the natural setting, makes a trip to Svaneti well worth the effort no matter how difficult it may be to get there.

The Svans are indigenous Georgians and speak their own language. Svanuri belongs to the Southern Caucasian language group known as Kartvelian. It has no alphabet and is mostly spoken at home and socially. The harsh climate and mountainous landscape of the region are the principal factors behind the Svanetian character. They are proud, laconic people who find the virtue in a certain austerity and stoicism. Hunters and alpinists are the most respected members of the community. Svans in no way remiss in the practice of traditional Georgian hospitality.

Over 20 medieval typical Svanetian protective towers are found throughout the Ushguli with goats, pigs and cows happily mingling with the local population on the narrow cobbled lanes. There is an Ethnographic Museum in a tower located in the center of the settlement containing the first-rate examples of medieval repousse work, icons, and processional crosses from churches in this region and other parts of Georgia. A short walk above the village leads to a small hilltop where the Lamaria Chapel is located, dating back to the 12th century. The Chapel is full of magnificent old frescoes. From there a broad valley leads to the foot of Shkhara through flower strewn alpine meadows.

The superb location of Ushguli and the unique lifestyle of the people in the village turn the place into a popular destination to visit. The severe location isolates Ushguli from the rest of modernized Georgia, and as a result, many Svanetian religious and cultural traditions have remained virtually intact.

Day 1: Mestia – Zhabeshi distance 16.1km, 763m 

Day 1

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Day 2: Zhabeshi – Adishi distance 18km, 1000m 

Day 2


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Day 3: Adishi – Iprali distance 18.7km, 860m 

Day 3


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Day 4: Iprali – Ushguli distance 17km, 677m 

Day 4


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Overall Route

Mesrtia Route.png

CLICK HERE for full details about the Mestia to Ushguli route and other routes around Georgia, this link takes you direct to the Caucasus Trekking’s website, its very useful..

DEDEย FILM Trailer – directed byย Mariam Khatchvani

1992. Dina lives in a remote village high in the Georgian mountains where century old traditions rule day to day life. Her grandfather has arranged for her to marry, but when handsome Gegi returns from war, she falls in love with him and they elope, trampling on traditional Svaneti culture. Her refusal to abide by Tradition will cost her more than she could imagineโ€ฆ 

This page is dedicated to our dearest friend, Stuart Sykes, and also in memory of our dearest late friend, Patricia Appleton, as between them, they introduced us to seeing the world in a different light.


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