Farewell home..

On Friday 29th June we said our goodbyes to our lovely neighbours and home in Thistleton Lancashire, it was quite an emotional day to say the least! below is a bit of the footage I recorded..


On the Friday we cycled 40 miles to Milnthorpe where we camped on a farm owned by a lovely couple called Jean and George Handley, they live at Kestrells Haunt, its such a beautiful place, they let us camp on their field and use the shower in their house, they even made a donation to our charity, this is one of the many highlights that we love, all the amazing ย and kind hearted people we will meet around the world.

The main reason we have cycled up to the Lake District is to test out all of our equipment prior to our official start on 9th July, and Coniston is a great place to test everything, due to the number of steep roads, its also one of our favourite places, we have many happy memories around here.

So all is going to plan, Gabriella decided to leave her trailer behind yesterday as it was slowing her down too much on the hills, well her bike and kit did weigh more than her, so good call!!

We are currently staying on Coniston Hall Campsite, which is right on the lake ‘who needs a shower when you can go for an early morning swim!’ .. the staff here are so helpful and friendly, its such a beautiful place. We met up with some great friends yesterday, Kim and David have two amazing children (4 in total!) below is a little video of some of yesterdays highlights, featuring Scarlett and Marni, daughters number 3 and 4!


Last year we parked our Campervan up on the other side of the Lake in Coniston, Gabs was halfway through her chemotherapy, we often came up here and sat by the lake, that day we needed to fill our van with water so knocked on the door of a nearby house, where we met a lovely couple, their daughter had also recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, so today we are going to pay them a visit and see how they all are.

On Wednesday we will start to head South, slowly making our way down to Manchester via the Yorkshire Dales, we have to be in Manchester on Saturday morning as we are taking part in a promotional film with the lovely Sally Dynevor from Coronation Street!




2 thoughts on “Farewell home..

  1. Anne op Boyle July 3, 2018 — 6:15 am

    It was so sad seeing you saying goodbye to your old neighbours xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We can’t even decide if we can bear to move house! Good for you!


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