Goodbye Amsterdam

Today we leave Amsterdam, we’ve had a fantastic time here, 5 days! so it’s time to start moving again!! We have met some lovely people, like Marc and Stephi from Germany, they are both bicycle touring around the Netherlands, but Marc is very well know around Japan, especially for his amazing cycling fashion, he shared some very interesting stories about his journeys through Japan, and we hope to meet up with him next year when we arrive there on our bikes!

So we now head to Cologne, Germany 🇩🇪 but first we are visiting Amsterdams BYCS and The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NCI)


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Amsterdam

  1. Glad everything going well and look forward to updates throughout. Good luck and Godspeed to you both.
    Crahan and Co. 😉

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      1. Yeah all good here cheers. Daisy’s birthday today (10!) and newest Crahan is nearly 9 months! It’s hectic, but I doth my cap to you both for what you’re doing and will be watching progress throughout. Kõln next big city….which is fab! Vera is from there and we’ve spent some great times there in last 5 years. You’ll love it. 👍

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      2. Wow 10!! Jacob was 19 the other week! and you have a 9 month old, that’s great news. Went to Koln about 12 years ago, loved it, well I think I did, can’t really remember it after all the beer..😂 if Vera has any top tips please send them our way. Take care mate and say hi to everyone from me and Gabs 😃


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