Floating down the Rhine in Basel Switzerland

We are now in our 6th country! Switzerland –ย and a what a great way to start by swimming down the Rhine River in Basel, or should that be floating! …Gabs watch out for them boulders!

5 thoughts on “Floating down the Rhine in Basel Switzerland

  1. Love the float down the river… looked a bit chilly!

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  2. Looks lovely, You never cease to amaze me, Keep p the good work

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  3. What a way to travel, you should have called it “escape from Boulder”. How did you get back?

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    1. Yes itโ€™s great isnโ€™t it, so many people do it, itโ€™s funny when you see a group of business men and women climbing out the river and putting their suits back on, or vice versa, we got the bus back


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