Ciao Italia

Today we crossed the old border of Switzerland into Italy (Zenna) and wow what a great welcome, it’s my first real experience of Italy, I’ve only ever been to Rome so can’t really say much about Italy overall, Gabs has been many times and she loves it! We are getting lots of interest in our bikes and tour, locals surrounding us when we stop, and a few making donations! looks like Italy is going to be another great experience and good for our Prevent Breast Cancer awareness, here’s a few photos from today entering Italy through the old border control and a couple of the locals that have donated to our charity

2 thoughts on “Ciao Italia

  1. Following you with continued interest. I have purposely not checked a map of your proposed route. I leave it to my imagination and just guess which country is next. You are like migrating swallows with amazonian will and determination.
    Best regards

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    1. Hi S, yes we have a route but it changes like the wind, if we see mountains we head for them..look at our track us page on the website to see where we have been 😎


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