Tempio Pausania (Sardinia)

Today we are high up in the clouds in the Sardinian town called Tempio Pausania, the town is elevated above the hot Gallurese plain and surrounded by dense cork woods, its known to locals simply as ‘Tempio’ it stays cool and calm even in the height of summer, and that’s because it’s so high!! It’s been a tough 9 days cycling all the mountains and wild camping, we’ve had all the seasons in one day, from blue skies and sunshine to heavy rains, and 80mph winds, today has been the hardest days cycling of all, a 1700ft climb over just 6 miles, now that’s painful!! we have just under another week to discover more of this beautiful island, and it’s mountain passes!! before we sail back to mainland Italy with Mario Rossini to pick up where we left off. We’ve got some amazing video footage, can’t wait to start editing and sharing it!

Heres a few photos from the last few days

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