Lovcen Mountain Montenegro

So far so good, 2 days since leaving Kotor, a mammoth climb out of the bay over the famous Serpentine Pass! Had to change our route slightly as many of the mountain roads are closed due to the amount of snow, and wow there is a lot of snow up here! Today we climbed over 1400m, to say a tough day in the saddle would be an understatement! ย We are in Lovcen Mountain National Park, last night it dropped to -10, but thankfully we found another abandoned house and managed to make a fire, ย so it might be freezing cold but the scenery is amazing and thereโ€™s hardly a sole in sight, so itโ€™s well worth the pain, this is a winter wonderland! weโ€™ve already got some fantastic photos and videos to share, but for now hereโ€™s just a few from today.


kotor to podgorica

1 thought on “Lovcen Mountain Montenegro

  1. Beautiful!


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