Survival stuff…

TIP! Here are 2 great things to carry in your survival kit when travelling in the great outdoors, especially on those very cold winter days, these are 2 of our favourites which we wouldn’t be without, so firstly there’s Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake 😍we’ve been carrying several bars from the beginning of our tour, when we cycled through Kendal in the Beautiful Lake District in the UK, this is also our favourite place in the whole wide world, we ration it out and only eat a small piece whenever we need that quick sugar fix, and also when missing home as it reminds us of our happy memories made in The Lake District, but unfortunately this is now our last one 😕 and then there’s Fisherman’s Friend, it’s got to be the original flavour, we’ve also been carrying packets of these from when we left home over 10 months ago, as we live just down the road from where they are made in Fleetwood, Lancashire in the UK, these are great if you have a cold or blocked sinuses or suffering with a sore throat, they offer instant relief, thankfully you can buy them all over the world. Whilst we are spending the next few weeks discovering the beautiful country of Georgia 🇬🇪 we might get some posted out to us from the UK, but I’m not too sure how the mint cake will weather now that we are heading to extreme hot climates, it will be more like Romney’s Kendal Mint Soup!


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