Europa Donna Georgia

Something to think about here people.. take a quick read, you can choose to skip this post, delete it, unfollow us, or help your future generations..

Today we are with Europa Donna Cancer Coalition again in Tbilisi Georgia, we are talking with Georgia’s biggest TV personality ‘Anna’ from the popular TV soap ‘My Wife’s Friends’ it’s the equivalent of Corrie back in the UK! Anna plays the role of a Breast Cancer patient, again just like our lovely Sally Dynevor from Corrie. We are so privileged to meet many ladies here that are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment, they all have their very own unique story to tell, what really surprised us is that the health care system here in Georgia only pays a percentage towards treatments, it’s shocking when you meet people with cancer that can’t afford the much needed treatment they need, so they are trying to fundraise themselves to raise money for their own treatment, can you imagine that… We met one lady that only has enough money to pay for 2 more chemotherapy treatments, yet she needs many more to follow, this is so sad…and when you think the average monthly wage here in Georgia is around £150, yes that’s per month! cancer treatments not to mention all other medical costs are in their tens of thousands! this is why awareness and prevention is so important in every country. What we do know is that Europa Donna Georgia do an amazing job!
If you would like to support with breast cancer awareness and towards the prediction and prevention of this terrible disease you can make a small donation on our JustGiving page by following the link below, just think, a donation as little of just £5 can change someone’s life, it really is as simple as that people, so if you can spare a few pounds or pennies it would be greatly appreciated for such an important cause, thank you. Chris & Gabs


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