New Film – One Year On The Road

NEW FILM (HD) – Yes its here, A Documentary about our “One Year On The Road” From the highs to the lows, beautiful countries …to why we are cycling the world for the next 7 years, see if you can spot any familiar faces, many of you star in this film (make sure to watch in HD quality)

Hope you like it!


2 thoughts on “New Film – One Year On The Road

  1. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, you look well rested and fit for the next year!

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    1. Hi, thanks, hope you liked the film? and yes where has a year gone! just trying to clear a kidney infection up, was in hospital yesterday in Azerbaijan, day off today as the medication they gave me has knocked me out, got to get on the move though as now on short visas and heading to the stans, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan deserts first, glad I fell ill here, thereโ€™s nothing where we are heading. Hope youโ€™re both well? xx


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