The making of Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows..
Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows are all about Breast Cancer Awareness, as we are self funding everything we do, every single penny from the sales goes direct to our charity Prevent Breast Cancer, read more on our website http://www.fluffypuffsmarshmallows.com and to find out more about our charity and where the money is used visit our other website: http://www.chrisandgabsworldcyclingtour.com
Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows are created and promoted by Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour as part of their Breast Awareness Campaign as they cycle around the world
If you would like to help us with our mission please share this film and our social media pages and websites, and maybe make a donation to our charity through our website, again every single penny goes to our charity Prevent Breast Cancer, the UK’s ONLY charity that solely focus on the prevention of breast cancer.

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