New Film – Tajikistan

Here’s a short film showing just a few highlights of us cycling through our 21st country ‘Tajikistan’ and also over the second highest road in the world, ‘The Pamir Highway’ which is at an altitude of more than 15,000ft – this route is not for the faint hearted, the roads of the Pamir Mountains are in terrible condition, in fact you wouldn’t call them roads, they are just tracks made up of loose rock and sand, they are also extremely steep, and at times we have to push the bikes, its freezing cold once high up in the Pamir’s, we’ve camped in sub zero temperatures as cold as -30. And then theres the added altitude sickness and miles and miles of nothing, you really are on your own up here, you need to carry all food supplies as theres no shops up here, theres plenty of water which we filter whenever possible, thats when its not frozen, but its a once in a life time experience, its hard as hell, but what a fantastic country! Cycling the Stan’s is like going back in time for sure!

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