Welcome to China…

Finally made it to our 23rd country, China! It took almost 8 hours to get through customs, an absolute joke.. you would not believe it..

Anyway we are currently in the city of Kashgar, this has got to be the weirdest place on the planet, police and military everywhere, every 3 miles we are stopped at police checkpoints and searched, this takes 30 minutes every time we are stopped, they ask many many questions, for example..where are you going..how long you stay there, what will you do there..where you go next, how you afford to travel, where your money come from… after a series of repeat questions they then search all bags then photos on camera and phone, information about tattoos, what job you do and so on. Armed police guard schools, restaurants, shops, basically everywhere you go are police watching you. We can’t use social media or google out here, our only way to post is through our website, so dear government of China, hope you like our update and photo.

1 thought on “Welcome to China…

  1. Very intriguing. Will be interested in your camping arrangements, how they view your mission and and your continued journey onwards.Stuart.


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