So thankful that we have the NHS in the UK, long may it continue, (donโ€™t want to hear a Brexit lecture folks) but in reality the majority of us pay very little money to have health care in the UK, and some of us donโ€™t realise how little we do contribute until we need life saving treatments, from the moanโ€™s about waiting times through to the many other grievances people have towards the NHS, but imagine living in a country where you have to pay for your own treatments, the majority of us couldnโ€™t afford to. On our travels around the world we meet so many people that canโ€™t afford these life saving treatments, they have no chance of survival, we recently met a lady that has bone cancer, she needed $25,000 USD for treatments, the average wage in her county was $200 USD per month, so she will die, this is so sad to see, and thatโ€™s why we are so proud and honoured to be raising awareness and funding for the UKโ€™s only Breast Cancer Prevention Charity “Prevent Breast Cancer” You may ask why? well medical research charities are vital, as without them we wouldnโ€™t have prevention, vaccines, cures and so on, the list is endless. 
Donโ€™t just think.. โ€œoh not another charity that wants moneyโ€.. 
Research is on the front line, so be grateful of the NHS and the country you live in. 

2 thoughts on “NHS UK

  1. You are so right ,the NHS saved my life , I had two years to live,if I was lucky ! , I had an aeortic valve replacement TEN years ago and still going strong without this I would have been pushing the daisies up lol. Keep safe all the best and look after each other. George Toplis


  2. Well said…. we need to keep the NHS.


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