Question time..

There’s some strange food in Vietnam, from Rats, Cats, Squirrel, Guinea Pigs, creepy crawlies to dog, yes Thịt Chó means dog meat, seeing dogs being roasted at the side of the road is a common sight in these parts. We’ve eaten most of the above on our travels not to mention the odd bit of brain, eyeball, testicle, intestines, chicken feet to even donkey skin, but I don’t think we’ve ever eaten dog, but then again you don’t always know what’s in that rice or noodle dish, and to be a vegetarian in these parts is near on impossible as they put meat in everything, so you can’t be fussy when you need to eat and there’s nothing else around.

So yes the street dogs here are used for their meat, in fact every animal they eat here, nothing is wasted, that’s right, every single part is consumed in one way or another, and this has been the case for generations, children eat dog meat from a young age, I’m not saying I agree with eating dogs, and I’m not even going to tell you the process before it’s cooked, as it’s not good at all, but it’s their culture. Remember these dogs are not pets, they are wild street dogs, so is there a difference between eating cows, sheep, pigs and so on?

So please comment with your own opinion to this question:

What’s your opinion on eating dog..?

Would we eat dog out of choice? if we were in the middle of nowhere and had no other choice, other than to starve to death then the answer is yes, other than that, then no, you’d have to be ‘barking mad’

1 thought on “Question time..

  1. José Edilson Pereira December 6, 2019 — 1:05 pm

    Acredito que por ser a cultura desse povo, eu acho que é válido… Como não faz parte da nossa cultura, é mt estranho mesmo…. Tbem acredito que se não tiver mais nada p comer, eu comeria sim, sem problemas.


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