Talent of Vietnam

Look at this for young talent! firstly there’s Henry, he’s 17 and a self taught sculpture, it takes him less than a day to make one of these heads, then there’s Linh, she’s 16 and spends her days carving wood as well as looking after her 2 young children, again she’s self taught, pictured here is some of her most recent work, unbelievable isn’t it. This is seen everywhere in Vietnam, everyone is working from their homes making one thing or another.. no college or university degrees here, you’ve got to learn fast if you want to survive, we’ve seen more talent here in one day than you’ll ever see in the art galleries back home in the western world, so a valuable lesson here, learn a trade kids! 😊 @ Phố Ga Cát Đằng

1 thought on “Talent of Vietnam

  1. Wow, so talented! x


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