Can you believe its one and a half years since we left the UK on our World Cycling Tour, we are now in our 25th Country Vietnam. Since setting off, we’ve had so many amazing experiences, and also many difficult ones.

Christmas can be a very difficult time for people, not everyone will have friends and family around them, which makes it extra hard this time of year.

We miss our friends and family dearly, not a day goes by when we donโ€™t think about them, and the Christmas period makes it that much harder, so we can only begin to understand the emotions that many people will be experiencing throughout this time of year, but this is our choice, or as we like to call it โ€˜our sacrificeโ€™ unlike the many of people that will be feeling so alone this Christmas time.

Throughout our travels we have spent time with many people that own nothing, and live in such terrible conditions, but they are always laughing and smiling, and will go out of their way to be friendly towards us, we donโ€™t know them, we canโ€™t even speak their language, yet they invite us into their home and give us food and water, they canโ€™t afford to do this, but they just want to make us happy by giving something back, by showing their appreciation for us spending time with them in their home, and their country.

It’s an incredible feeling how such a little interaction with complete strangers can make someone so happy, including yourself.

So why not make that extra effort this year and take time out to make a complete stranger happy, it’s the greatest gift you can give someone.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support, and if you would like to help further, maybe you would like to make a small donation to our charity โ€˜Prevent Breast Cancerโ€™

We understand that everyone has their own charities and commitmentโ€™s, and throughout the festive period even more people are asking for money, so if you are unable to make a donation, maybe in the new year, if you have any of those unwanted Christmas presents, maybe you would like to donate those to our charity, that way we can put them in a raffle and raise the much needed funds for the prevention of breast cancer.

We would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Chris & Gabs xx


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