Back on the road



After a great little break over Christmas and New Year in Hoi An, today we are back on the road.

We’ve cycled a super interesting 90km route today, hugging the east coast, passing through all the small fishing villages, these photos tell a bit of a story from today’s ride.

From leaving Hoi An, our First stop was ‘Tam Thành Mural Village’ the village has literally been brought to life with paintings, it’s a breathtaking walk-through, or in our case a cycle through gallery, just waiting to be explored. The paintings capture the life and soul of the village, from young children playing, to fishermen in the ocean.

From there we continued down the narrow winding sandy trails through the rugged Jungle following the ocean, until the trail suddenly ended as we hit the river, but not to worry as the locals have a small ferry for motorcycles and bicycles, so we crossed the Truong Giang River on the little boat over to Tam Hai Island, this was another amazing little place, the locals live in small fishing huts, there was so much to see, we met with several ladies that fought in the Vietnam War, one of the ladies in particular spoke very good English, she told us some fascinating stories whilst making us some sandwiches!

We cycled across the Island to another small ferry which took us back to the mainland, to a place called ‘Thon Thanh Long’ we didn’t arrive until after dark, so are now camped up somewhere on the beach, it’s a great location, well it’s hard to tell in the dark, but for now there’s no more hooting horns and barking dogs, only the sound of crashing waves, it will be interesting to see where we are tomorrow, just hope the tide doesn’t come to far in!

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  1. great artwork


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