How hard can it be?

It’s over one and a half years since we left our friends and family back in the UK, so far we’ve cycled 25 countries across 2 continents through some of the harshest places on earth, we’ve cycled through hostile environments, been attached by wild animals and even people! we’ve cycled some of the steepest and highest roads in the world, majority of the time living from a tent, we’ve experienced temperatures as cold as -30 to desert heat in excess of 50 degrees, endured altitude sickness, food poisoning and not showered for weeks, people ask us, is it difficult..? do we miss our loved ones..? the answer of course is yes, and very much so, and yes, it’s our choice to do this, and we will continue to do so, we have no plans of returning to the UK, we will continue doing what we do, but what’s even more difficult, and at times extremely frustrating is fundraising for a charity that is so close to our hearts, and is such an important and amazing charity Prevent Breast Cancer

They are the only UK breast cancer charity funding ground-breaking research solely aimed at preventing the disease for future generations, and their research will one day bring about a world where breast cancer is preventable and thousands of lives are saved from ever experiencing this terrible disease.

NOTE: We are extremely thankful to everyone that has supported us since we started on our journey, we really are, but the thing that really frustrates us, is some businesses of late that say they want to help support our cause, but then completely waste our time!

So one of the hardest things we’ve ever done is trying to fundraise for such an important charity that saves peoples lives in the UK.

Maybe we’ve already been through so many life changing experiences that’s clearly given us a completely different outlook on life and detached us from the western way of life, but as always, all we read about in the news is crappy politics, celebrities, war, environmental issues..the list is endless, some people need to get their priorities right in life and be thankful they have their health, that’s all that matters, make the most of what you have, we’ll all be dead soon.

Once again, thank you to all of you that count!

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