Highlights from the road

In Vietnam everyone uses motorcycles, every family has one, and all the family manage to fit on one all at the same time! they are also used for transporting livestock, building materials, in fact the list is endless, think of any item and youโ€™ll see it on the back of a motorcycle, people also run their businesses from them, a motorcycle is their livelihood.

Just like like this happy chappy! heโ€™s the local key cutter in one of the villages we were recently cycling through on the coast of Vietnam, click below to watch the film clip.

As we cycle along the coast of Vietnam heading south, we pass through many fishing villages, this is a common sight along the coast away from the busy cities, some of the most peaceful and tranquil parts of Vietnam, and great for camping!

There’s all types of cattle roaming around Vietnam, one of our favourites has got to be the water buffalo.

Cycling around the world is obviously the cheapest way to travel, but more importantly its the healthiest way, and of course the most environmentally friendly, but its also the best way to discover any country, as most of the areas are not on the tourist map, you see the real country, not something sold to you by tourism, the places we see and the people that we meet on a daily basis are a truly remarkable experience.

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