China’s Education

China’s school children are now the smartest in the world!

We learnt some interesting facts about education in China during our time cycling across the vast country.

Did you know that some children as young as 3 years of age start school at 6 in the morning and don’t finish until 9 at night, and only have Sunday afternoons off, and then there’s all the homework!

Chinese students far out stripped peers in every other country of reading, math and science ability, underscoring a reserve of future economic strength and the struggle of advanced economies to keep up.

Here’s some interesting figures..

The OECD’s triennial study of 15 year-old students across the world found that the four Chinese provinces tested (Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang) outperformed in science and mathematics, even if household income is well below members’ average. In reading, the 10% most disadvantaged Chinese students tested had better skills than the OECD average.

The quality of their schools today will feed into the strength of their economies tomorrow.

In some countries, even where government spending on education is high, the background of a student still plays a significant role in their educational outcomes.

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