Rubber Trees

Here in Thailand we see rubber trees everywhere.

The best rubber producing tree is H. braziliensis.

It takes six years for a rubber tree to grow to a point where it’s economical to harvest the sap, which is called latex.

Rubber tapping is the process by which latex is collected from a rubber tree. The latex is harvested by slicing a groove into the bark of the tree at a depth of a quarter inch with a hooked knife and peeling back the bark, the milky white latex fluid runs out of the bark, down the cut and is collected in a bucket, after about six hours, the fluid stops flowing, in that six hour period, a tree can usually fill a gallon bucket, the tree can be tapped again with another fresh cut, usually the next day.

The latex is used for products such as balloons, condoms and household gloves, itโ€™s also great for repairing bicycle tyres!

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