Market trains and a pre birthday meal

We are now 200km south, away from the busy streets of Bangkok, so it’s back to camping on the beach, and we have it all to ourselves! it’s also the eve of a very special day tomorrow, Gabs Birthday! 🥳so tonight I’ve prepared her a vegetable Pad Thai, with Papaya Salad on the shores of eastern Thailand..🤔I actually bought them from an old lady at the side of the street earlier 🤫😉 (the round things are dried squid 🦑)

This morning we cycled to the Maeklong Railway Market at Samut Songkhram, we came here 4 years ago on our tour of Southeast Asia, but it’s still spectacular to see.

The Maeklong Railway Market is a traditional Thai market selling fresh vegetables, various types of food and fruit, but what makes the market so special is that it occupies part of a train line.
A few times a day, a train runs directly through the market, a few minutes before the train comes, vendors lower their umbrellas and move some of their produce away from the train tracks, some things are left on the ground, with the train passing right over them, amazingly nothing gets damaged or broken, and as soon as the train passes, the vendors move their goods back onto the tracks and continue as normal, until the next train arrives! we’ll post a short video in our next post.

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