Social isolation and anxiety

Social isolation and anxiety

For almost 2 years weโ€™ve been cycling around the world in some of the most remotest places on earth, some of which have been pretty hostile environments.

Before we left the UK on our world cycling tour we wondered how we could prepare our minds for the journey ahead, the answer to this was simply, we couldnโ€™t.

Controlling our minds and dealing with everyday anxiety issues, and of course social isolation, is one of the main things we have had to learn over the last 2 years, we used to be part of large social network, this is no longer the case.
When cycling on average 8 hours a day your mind can play many tricks on you, so itโ€™s very important to know how to control your feelings and emotions.

In no particular order here are just a few of the things that go through our minds:

1 – Will we ever see our friends and family again with us not returning to the uk for 7 years.

2 – General problems at home

3 – At times being unable to communicate with the outside world

4 – Language barriers

5 – The difficulties finding somewhere to camp each night

6 – Personal hygiene

7 – Not seeing or speaking to anyone for weeks on end

8 – Will our relationship suffer, being together 24/7

9 – Where we will find the next meal and drink

10 – Dangerous hostile environments

11 – Border issues (Visa/Police/Military)

12 – Our own personal health when thereโ€™s no hospitals in the area (especially for Gabs)

13 – Coping with the elements, from cycling and camping in extreme heat to freezing cold temperatures

14 – Currency (where to get money)

15 – Cycling through countries with the coronavirus

If you have any questions or would like any tips, either send us a message or leave a comment here, and weโ€™ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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