Coronavirus update

Thanks for all the recent messages of concern from everyone, so we want to give a brief update.

Thailand is now under a state of emergency with full lockdown starting on 26th March, although the majority of places are already closed throughout Thailand.

We understand that the UK government are telling everyone to return home now, but we have decided against this and will somehow be staying in Thailand, we never planned to return to the UK, and even given the current situation, we believe it would be far more dangerous, not only to ourselves, but to others if we returned to the UK.

We are aware of all the risks, and we are used to isolation, and going forward we are happy living in a remote environment away from others.

We are currently on the Phi Phi Islands until further notice.

We hope you all stay safe throughout these difficult times x

If you can please help us to increase our followers that would be fantastic, all you need to do is share this website – itโ€™s vitally important to us to still fly the flag and raise awareness for our charity Prevent Breast Cancer even in these difficult times, donโ€™t forget about all the people out there that are suffering with other illnesses – also if you get bored of Netflix, thereโ€™s lots of films to watch on our website! ๐Ÿฅณ

Sea Gypsies

1 thought on “Coronavirus update

  1. 25th Happy Birthday Chris enjoy yourselves on your paradise island – what no cake!


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