The Stan’s

This young girl is called Afsana, which means ‘Fairytale’ and doesn’t she look like a little princess. Shes 8 years old and is on her daily 6km walk to school, the rough rocky track she’s walking on is the only trail which leads to her school in Tajikistan, the bottle she’s holding is full of fresh spring water, which she refills from the streams of the Pamir on her way to school. In the back ground where the trees are, is Afghanistan, you can’t see from this photo, but hidden in the mountains are homes cut out of the rock, and also many soldiers.

Pictured here, a typical mud house in Tajikistan, and a road in Afghanistan being cleared after a recent landslide, riding these roads aren’t for the faint hearted


We’ve camped in some very remote places, especially when we cycled through the Stan’s, here’s us camping in the desert of Kazakhstan. This was a difficult route as the average temperature was in the mid 40’s, finding food and water was a task, especially when you don’t see anyone or anything for days on end, apart from camels! but we love it!
Question: where’s the most remotest place you’ve ever camped?

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