Life on Phi Phi Island

This short film shows you one of the Sea Gypsy village’s on Phi Phi Island, which is near to where we are camped, you can see one of the tribe making fishing baskets and camouflaging them with leaves, youโ€™ll notice theres plastic bottles tied to the baskets, these are used as flotation devices, they collect the plastic bottles and other waste materials from the ocean. Some people think that the Sea Gypsies are untidy and create rubbish, which is in fact wrong, the rubbish you see around them is everything theyโ€™ve collected from the ocean which they are reusing, for both fishing aids and building their homes, as remember, they donโ€™t go to a shop and buy anything, especially products in plastic, in fact they create hardly any waste, they must be some of the most environmentally friendly people on the planet. We have to come this way to get to a near by water source, which is a fresh water well located in the jungle, made by the Sea Gypsies, we have to walk through the sea with back packs fully loaded with bottled water from the well, we do this at low tide as the water is only waist high.

3 thoughts on “Life on Phi Phi Island

  1. Hi you lovely guys hope youโ€™re still pretty well itโ€™s lisi from the relax resort we got back well and life here changed dramatically…itโ€™s so amazing on our last trip on phi phi we visited your new home this stunning beach
    I wish you all the best and I am still on fire for your passion
    I get back to you soon Big hugs lisi and the Kids and Rene

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    1. Hi Lisi, glad you all got back ok, we can imagine how things must be so different for you all. Yes itโ€™s a beautiful beach here!
      Please keep in touch, stay safe – Chris & Gabs x


  2. Amazing – I think you should start collecting logs and build a cabin.


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