Typical day on the beach

Each morning we collect all the washed up plastic bottles and driftwood on our little beach, thereโ€™s more than ever now, as we head into the Monsoon Season, we had one hell of a storm last night, torrential rain, thunder and lightening and strong wind, it was amazing!

We make a fire with the driftwood we find and cook the fish we catch that day, last night we ate with the local Sea Gypsies as we gave them our Sailfish (video coming soon) but today we cooked some more of the leftover Sailfish with some small yellow snapper, oh yes and we also managed to find a potato, they are like parrots teeth on this island, we sliced it up and made potato chips.
Today we also found an old rusty metal rack, looks like itโ€™s from a fridge, anyway this is now our state of the art bbq grill, cooking on the fire is now so much easier.

After weโ€™ve cooked on the fire we burn all the plastic we find on the beach, any of the more intact plastic bottles we give to the Sea Gypsies for their fishing baskets.

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