NEW FILM – Cambodia

This is our second time cycling across this truly magnificent country “Cambodia” and its by far one of our favourite places, its also one of the toughest environments on earth, so it can test you to the limit.

This film shows some of the highlights of us cycling from the very South of the country, entering from Vietnam, following the Mekong River all the way to the North, as we make our way to Thailand. Our route takes us off the beaten path through small villages in the most remotest parts of Cambodia, most of our journey is off road, so we have to follow the rough narrow mud tracks that are built by the locals, non of which are on any maps, so we use the sun to navigate through this tough arid land, there is no electric or running water in these parts, which makes our time in this country extremely difficult, especially when the average temperature is 45 degrees.

The people of Cambodia are the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet, seeing how they survive with so little, but are always smiling and willing to help you, it really is incredible.

We are so thankful once again, to all the lovely people we met in Cambodia for making our time there so memorable We hope that you will enjoy this film as much as we do.

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