Looking back at our time when we cycled through Kazakhstan following the famous ‘Silk Road’ back in August last year.

Although its another one of our experiences cycling through one of the harshest environments on earth, we absolutely loved this place, we can’t wait to get off this Island in Thailand and back on the road to continue our adventure by bicycle.

So for those of you that havenโ€™t seen this film…
After sailing across the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan, we reach our 19th country, Kazakhstan.
This film shows the route we cycled to the border of Uzbekistan, from wild horses, camels and goats, camping in the desert and trying to find water in some of the most remotest places in Central Asia, and on the planet! We had temperatures in the high 40’s with a constant headwind.
This was a very testing experience, but it prepared us for the countries that lied ahead, as they were even tougher!

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