Plastic waste

So we’ve been living on Phi Phi Island for just over 10 weeks, and each morning we spend an hour cleaning the beach from plastic.
On average we collect 60 plastic bottles each day, “not to mention all the other plastics” so over 10 weeks that’s 4200 bottles just on this tiny little beach alone! and then theres all the other plastics and polystyrene. We are on a small island, there is nowhere to recycle the plastic, and at times we burn it, and yes, we understand the hazards of burning plastics, and we are often reminded by the people who send us messages stating this, telling us we should dig holes and bury it, or recycle it, but like I said above.. we are on a small island with no means of disposing, let alone digging huge holes, the question is, are you better to leave the plastic in the ocean and on the beaches? in my opinion there’s simply no simple answer, given the situation, so we do what we feel is right.
The photo here is from a typical mornings beach clean, so think of all the plastic washed up on this little island over the course of the year. @ Phi Phi Islands.

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