“Running” for Prevent Breast Cancer

Well that’s the first week of our Krabi 40km Trail training complete, so it’s rest day tomorrow! 🥳
Today’s run was just over 22km through the mountains and Rubber Tree forests of Krabi and Ao Nang, trying to get used to the middays heat is a challenge, we are used to cycling in the mid 40’s, but running in these temperatures is a much harder task.
One of today’s main things to look out for was the giant spiders in the Rubber Tree Forests, these spiders make huge webs creating a barrier between the trees, luckily have managed to avoid them so far, but there was some near misses!
🕷🕷🕷 🕸

So our first week of training has been fun, between us we’ve run over 170km, over 10 miles of swimming, with a load of body combat exercise classes thrown in for good measure (Gabs not me🤣)

We’ve just over 4 weeks of training to go, but for now it’s time to rest 😊

Don’t forget we are running this epic Trail Run for Prevent Breast Cancer

Read more here:

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