end of an era..

More Sad Sights in Thailand.

Covid has destroyed a country’s tourism industry, and most people’s livelihoods, yet Thailand has had the least cases and deaths in the world.
We should learn to live with Covid and reopen the world, before more damage is done, Covid is going nowhere!

Each time we come to Bangkok we always visit our friend Max. Max owns a very well known restaurant called ‘Max’s Magic Thai Food’ yes, the clue is in the name, he performs Magic whilst you eat his amazing food, it’s our favorite restaurant in Bangkok, which ‘was’ located on the busiest tourist street in Bangkok ‘Thanon Khao San’ Road, note how I said ‘WAS’ yes, another one of the many thousands of businesses closed down due to Covid. Below you can see us with Max earlier this year, on the 4th March. You see, we love his food that much, we’d cycled to his restaurant all the way from England! 🤣
So these are a few photos from today, these roads and streets are usually full with thousands of tourists, eating and drinking at the many bars and restaurants that line the streets, not to mention all the Hotels, guest houses, street vendors, massage parlors, tuk tuks etc.. but as you can see, everything has closed down, and most will never reopen, also pictured are the streets ‘Pre-Covid’
Just like many other places around the world, Covid has destroyed Thailand’s Tourist Industry, and so many people’s livelihoods, how can they ever recover from this.

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