Fresh Fruits of Ceprano

Throughout the week we often pay a visit to our local fruit shop here in Ceprano, it’s amazing! and you’ll not find any imported fruit and veg here, this is all locally grown, and what’s great about these kind of shops, is that not only is there a huge variety of super fresh produce, of all shapes and sizes, including the non EU allowed ‘wonky’ shaped fruits, like the double Kiwi 🥝 on the photo! they also don’t throw out anything that is slightly battered or bruised, unlike the usual commercial supermarkets! any fruit and veg that isn’t looking “at it’s best” is great for making various dishes, such as stews and jams, and healthy smoothie drinks, and it costs even less!
So in Italy, it’s far cheaper to buy your groceries from the small independent traders, and farmers markets, not only is it cheaper, it’s much healthier too!
We believe it’s important to support local farmers, and businesses when buying any produce, rather than buying from the big commercial supermarket chains, obviously that’s not always possible, as it all depends on the country, as some countries depend on imported goods.
In Italy if you venture away from the busy towns, cities and the tourist hotspots, and instead head up into the mountains, like here in Ceprano, you’ll find an abundance of people selling fresh produce, and not to forget all the farmers markets, there’s so many beautiful little villages, where you’ll meet some very interesting people!

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