Phi Phi Island

After 2 years of cycling around the world from England all the way to Thailand, across 29 countries and 2 continents, we finally made it to our little piece of paradise, Phi Phi Island, which is located in Southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

We arrived with one of the Islands locals by Longtail Boat, but little did we know that we would be locked down on the Island for the next 4 months, we had no complaints!

Due to Covid, most people had left the Island and everywhere was closed, so we spent the 4 months living from both our tent and a cave.

The local Sea Gypsies taught us how to live off the land and ocean, we learnt how to forage for fruits from the jungle, how to make sea water into fresh drinking water, and how to catch fish by using the natural resources from the jungle, this was survival at its best!

Clink on the link to watch the film we made whilst on the Island

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