Meet the ‘UAZ Bukhanka’

Today Gabriella collected the first of the fleet!
Meet the 4×4 UAZ Bukhanka 😍
Built just across the border in Russia, this is a classic 1998 model, and has only 32,000km on the clock, so finding one like this in Georgia is lucky, in fact, its as rare as parrots teeth!
Because of the external similarities to a loaf of bread, the van became known as Буханка (bukhanka, loaf) in Russian. The ambulance version was nicknamed Таблетка (tabletka, a pill). I’m told this was previously used as an ambulance in Moscow 🚑
So this cool looking loaf of bread, will soon undergo a few cosmetic changes both internally and externally, ready for its new venture in Georgia 🇬🇪 and if all goes to plan, next year there’ll be a fleet of these cool little classics cruising around the causacus mountains and villages serving the people of Georgia, so watch this space! 😊🚐🇬🇪

We will be giving each Bukhanka its own unique name, so we welcome your ideas!

1 thought on “Meet the ‘UAZ Bukhanka’

  1. You don’t stop! That looks like such fun. Looking forward to watching the next episode. xxx


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