A big shout out to all of our ‘Mr Sniff’ supporters, we have already raised 29% of our target thats needed to fly Mr Sniff to the UK, where he will find his happy home, so a huge thank you to those of you that have donated.

Mr Sniff has recently completed all of his vaccinations, and in a couple of weeks will have some more blood tests for the necessary ‘Titer Test’ which will allow him to enter the UK.

So since his first health check just over 2 weeks ago, Mr Sniff has gained 3KG in weight, including muscle mass! we’ve put him on a special prescription/clinical diet plan, so with both the special nutrition, and also exercising him for several hours each day, he is getting much stronger by the day, that much so, if you remember his previously broken back leg? which when he walked he couldn’t put on the ground, therefore had to limp, well he now walks with all 4 legs, and he can also run in water, which is another good way to strengthen his legs.

You can watch Mr Sniffs progress on the video below, and if you would like to help Mr Sniff by making a donation, then please follow this link:

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