Dogs of The Black Sea Georgia

Georgia has some pretty harsh winters, not just up in the mountains, but also along West Coast of the Black Sea, which brings strong cold winds with heavy rain, this also means the that Black Sea tides wash up lots of rubbish onto the beaches.

But some of this washed up rubbish is great for building shelters for the many homeless dogs here, especially all the tyres, as tyres are perfect as they are very heavy, even heavier when filled with sand, so theyโ€™re good in stormy conditions, and of course theyโ€™re waterproof.

So before we leave Georgia and continue on our travels in the next couple of weeks, we are building dog shelters along the West Coast.

Donโ€™t forget folks, we are still fundraising to fly Mr Sniff to his new home in the UK, so if any of you can help, no matter how small a donation, it will be a great help, click the link for more information

Mr Sniffs Fundraiser

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