Ramadan Breakfast

We’ve been a little behind updating our website for the past few months as we’ve been very busy travelling around and organizing our next adventure! We left Georgia almost 4 weeks ago, we’ve spent the last 10 months travelling around the country and had an amazing time, but its time we moved on and continue with our worldly adventures.

For those of you wondering, Gabs has taken some rescue dogs from Georgia to their new homes back in the UK, and I’m travelling around Turkey, I’m currently in the South East just on the border of Syria.

We’ve got some exciting travel plans coming up, and we’ll tell you all about it once me and Gabs eventually meet up in the next few weeks.

In the meantime here’s a little blog from todays adventure in the amazing city of Şanlıurfa

Today I was walking the streets of Şanlıurfa, when a lovely family asked me to come back to their house to celebrate a Ramadan breakfast, we met at Selami’s brothers house, he’s one of 8 brothers, and then there’s his sisters and mother and father, it was certainly a Ramadan feast!
So for my first day in Şanlıurfa it couldn’t get any more interesting, it was such an honor to be included in the celebrations of Ramadan at their family home, thank you Selami.

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