No Wheels!

HELP from any Austrian friends?

Any friends living in Austria near Mitterberg?

Not one of our usual posts, but we’re always up for a new challenge!

After having some new tyres installed only a few days ago at a local garage in the UK, the rear wheels came off Gabriellas van today in Mitterberg Austria, lucky she wasn’t killed !!

Anyway not mentioning the garage just yet, but there’s a big lawsuit heading their way!

Everything has been done to this vehicle to get it back on the road, thousands of pounds spent, and yet a simple tyre change… 😡

I’m in Turkey and trying to get to Gabs, as so far the garages in her area are useless.. any suggestions appreciated.

We are hopefully getting it towed to a garage tomorrow but if anyone can suggest a trustworthy garage it would help.

Gabriella Gratrix is ok thank you, yes lucky she wasn’t killed, and Mr Sniff, just shaken up and very angry.

Anyone that knows me well enough will know that the person responsible for this will pay the consequences, and will also be featuring in a number of local newspapers and social media.

Watch this space for the update this week

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