Hospital Ride..

So over the last few weeks I’ve not been feeling that well, firstly with lower back ache that’s been getting worse by the day, then severe bloating to the stomach with abdominal pain. 4 weeks ago I went to get a check up, and was told it was nothing serious and they gave me over the counter drugs.. guess what, they never worked, anyway yesterday as we entered Azerbaijan things turned for the worse at the border, I was in severe pain and sweating profusely, this isn’t a good look at border control when you’re surrounded by military and police, hence why they searched me so many times.. anyway things  got rapidly worse today, long story short.. so after cycling through temperatures in excess of 40 degrees I finally made it to a hospital in a small town, they instantly rushed me in to a private room and ran a series of tests, including an ultrasound followed by a very very large injection of something…in my right bum cheek..I was soon surrounded by a mixture of 12 doctors, nurses and consultants, not a single word of English was spoken, it was more a very amusing game of charades, anyway we got there in the end and along came the results, I’ve got a Kidney Infection…that explains why the pain has been so excruciating! the doctor prescribed me some strong tablets, I’ve no idea what they are, he just told me to go to the pharmacy the other side of town, well it looked like that’s what he said..oh yes, and I asked how much I need to pay, he said nothing, it’s free!! unbelievable! So I cycled to the first pharmacy other side of town, whilst struggling to sit on my saddle after that huge syringe 💉 in my right buttock, to find they have non in stock…then to the second pharmacy 20 miles further, again non in stock..then to the third which was another 15 miles away, again non in stock..OMG I could have cried, by this time whatever the injection was had kicked in and I had no energy and felt so tired, I managed to make it another 15 miles to the 4th pharmacy just before passing out..and guess what..yep non in stock 💀that was me done in, so as I led at the side of the road, Gabs cycled ahead, and guess what, she came back with the drugs! So finally I’m fully loaded on some sort of medication, just hope things improve tonight, as still got to cycle every day, but what amazing service by the hospital here, I do have medical insurance but I never needed to use it. I don’t even know the name of the place, where I was or anything.. I felt great when I came out of the hospital, as you can see from the photo, but that all changed again within the hour. So another not so pleasant experience of bicycle touring, earlier today has got to be one of the worst days of my life, but it’s now much better!

6 thoughts on “Hospital Ride..

  1. Please take care and look after yourselves xx

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  2. That sounds horrible. So sorry. You can’t take a break. Kidney infection is not good and especially when you’re heading into the darn desert. Take care.

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    1. Thanks, yes it’s not pleasant in this heat, suppose it’s better here before in the desert where there’s nothing around..just can’t hang around as on a visa!


  3. You must rest and get better. I had a kidney infection a few years ago. I was sweating profusely and got rushed into hospital as an emergency. I then spent the next week on a drip having blood tests and on intravenous antibiotics. It’s such a dangerous condition! Take care. Nikki


  4. I hope by now you are feeling a little better, how you cycled all that way in extreme temperatures and in pain I’ll never know!! Take care of yourself xx


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