Herbal medicine

Earlier in the week we ran out of water so stopped at the side of the road to filter water from a small stream, there was no one around us, it almost looked like we were cycling through the jungle, but then suddenly, much to our surprise!! a lady appeared from out of the tall bamboo grass, dressed all in black wearing a black hat and face mask, we thought she was a ninja! she spoke little English but we understood what she was trying to say, she was asking if we needed help! so she invited us back to her house, which was just the other side of the bamboo! as we made our way through the bamboo grass and down a narrow lane we could see her house, it was enormous! she gave us food and water and we were introduced to her family. She lived on a huge farm, and owned all of the land around as far as the eye could see, to the rear of her house was a factory where she manufactured Chinese herbal medicine, the family supply all the ingredients to Taiwan where itโ€™s then shipped all over the world. It was so interesting to see the whole process. Hereโ€™s a few pictures of our friend Lou and some of her staff, she did let us film but weโ€™re unable to post films whilst in China as the internet is very limited to foreigners and most social media including google and YouTube are blocked, we can just about manage to make this post by sending it through a VPN app which isnโ€™t always great, but anyway what an amazing experience, and she made the best herbal tea!

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