No more sweaty bits!

No more sweaty bits

For many years I’ve always worn padded Lycra cycling shorts, which aren’t always the cheapest, just to make things clear, it’s when I’m cycling, I don’t wear them all the time! The problem I’ve found with Lycra shorts is that they are too clingy and don’t always allow those hidden parts to breath, this causes a problem known as chafing, which for those of you that don’t know, it’s when you firstly gain a heat rash, shortly followed by a burning sensation until the saddle completely removes your skin from those sensitive parts! We tend to spend on average about 8 hours in the saddle each day, so experiencing chafing is a regular occurrence especially in the severe heat of the desert. Over the years I’ve spent a fortune on expensive padded shorts and even replaced my saddle many times. Here’s the interesting bit, several months ago when I was cycling through the desert in Kazakhstan I was experiencing terrible chafing, let’s just say the skin had gone! so I decided to cut up my 2 pairs of Lycra shorts and clad my saddle with them, and wore just a normal pair of lightweight shorts, oh yes, and it’s important not to wear underwear! since then

I’ve never had any chafing problems.

You can see on the photos I covered my saddle with 2 seat pads from my shorts I cut up, also a kneeling pad and finally a piece of mesh cloth which also doubles up as a face mask for when in sand storms, the only problem when wearing that is it’s not the most pleasant of smell, but beats getting sand in your face.

I was going to get this patented and call it “NO MORE SWEATY BALLS” but Gabs said that’s a little sexist towards women, so I’m calling it “NO MORE SWEATY BITS”

So what do you think folks, could this be a big seller?

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