Cambodia Part 1

We decided to cycle off the busy main roads as we headed to the capital of Cambodia ‘Phnom Penh’ and follow the dust trails north east towards the Mekong River, sometimes the trails come to a sudden stop, and with them not being on any maps, we used the sun to navigate until we eventually made it to the Mekong, we did a similar route 4 years ago where we followed the Mekong all the way to the top of Cambodia before cycling into Laos. This is the best way to experience the real Cambodia, as we cycled through the most remotest villages in the country, and get to meet the locals, and even camp with them. So if you want to have a real adventure in this amazing country, and understand all about their culture, and how they have lived for centuries, then avoid all the busy tourist areas and go off the beaten track, its not for the faint hearted, its extremely hot and dusty, and you need to camp every night and carry food, as you donโ€™t t know what lies ahead, but for us thats the fun of it – so if you like an adventure, you wont be disappointed.

1 thought on “Cambodia Part 1

  1. See you when you get to Helena, Montana.


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