Off the beaten track in Cambodia

Here’s a few photos of where we’ve been cycling over the last 2 weeks, it gives you an idea of the terrain, we’ve cycled through the remotest parts of Cambodia, we managed to follow the dust trails to Siem Reap, passing through some amazing villages, all of which are off grid, yes this does still exist, no electric or gas, they use candles for light and cook from fire.

What makes it extra special, is that these trails don’t show up on google maps, as the locals make them, and they change route throughout the seasons, there’s literally a maze of these trails, so to navigate it’s back to old school, by using the sun, some of the trails stop at rivers, so we either have to turn round and find a different way through or we cross the river.

We’ve captured some fantastic film footage over the last 2 weeks, especially with the village people.

The dogs in these parts don’t like cyclists, its very common on our travels to be attacked by dogs, but it’s only because they’re not sure what we are as we cycle through their territory, so they often show their teeth, and on some occasions attempt to bite your legs, the thing to do here is stop cycling, get off your bike and charge at them, that way they usually back off, but there’s always the odd one that doesn’t.. the worst thing to do is continue cycling as they will literally hunt you down, and more dogs will join them, then you have a big problem, we used to carry one of those telescopic police batons, for when situations got out of control.. but we had to get rid of that before entering China! you’ll see a couple of the dogs in the photos, and trust me, they mean business!

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks living from our tent eating only boiled rice noodles and fruit, which is great for getting rid of that unwanted flab, and we feel super healthy! we’ve washed in the Mekong River when we can, which isn’t the cleanest! we use coconut water for soap as they’re literally everywhere! so to arrive in Siem Reap today AKA the tourist trap of Cambodia is great, as we can shower and eat some tasty food, but our adventure of Cambodia ends here, in a few days we will be in our 27th country, Thailand 😊

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