3 years ago today

3 years ago today, was the start of our toughest journey, a long battle against cancer.. from diagnosis to surgery.. double mastectomy.. chemotherapy.. more surgery..full lymph node removal..treatments after treatments.. and throughout this time losing friends and family also to cancer and other diseases, but as tough as it was, we eventually made it through the other side, since then weโ€™ve cycled through 27 countries, and here we are today on a paradise island in Thailand , waiting until we can continue on our mission.
Yes the world maybe a different place at the moment, but it just goes to show that anything is possible so long as you remain positive, always remember life is full of different experiences..

1 thought on “3 years ago today

  1. You have both come so far on your journey and I admire you both so much for what you’ve achieved over the last three years. Enjoy your Paradise Island and stay safe xxx

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